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It is no question that facing criminal charges traumatizes people. It is something that no one would ever want to experience. We, at The Law Office of Raoul Severo, understand this concern more than anyone else. After all, nothing beats the stress of having your freedom potentially getting snatched away.

We value our clients the same way we value the law. That is why we have teamed up with many professional and experienced criminal defense attorneys who have made it their life's mission to defend and represent people all throughout California. When handling a case, we do not treat it as if it's a business deal -- we become personally invested in your case. Your battle becomes our battle; your success becomes our success. Our ability to sympathize with our clients and give them moral support has enabled us to tap into realms never thought of before in the field of law. This has become our advantage, complemented with our extensive experience and knowledge handling different types of cases such as drug crimes or firearm offenses

Indeed, what you need is an aggressive, passionate, yet highly competent criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights. You need not to look further, as our office located in Bakersfield, California is open from Monday to Sunday, 5:00am to 11:00pm. For greater convenience, we also have landlines and a 24/7 chatbox that you may use whenever you want. Reach out in whichever way you prefer, you shall receive the same level of support and care for your case. We'll be ready to assist you anytime.