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What is Arson? Define Arson Law in California

On account of its dangerous and great fatal nature, the term arson crime refers to the intentional and malicious burning or charring of property. A crime that represents a huge offense in the eye of law. Under California law, the arson term is described as the "unyielding and noxious consuming of property of any other person."

While there are a few kinds of firearm offenses related to violations under the California state law and its statues, a large number of them involve claims of extreme property harm, wounds, injury and death toll. Incendiarism is regularly charged as a lawful offense in California and the city Los Angeles, which implies serious punishments starting from jail time to robust financial fines to lifetime sentences.

Nevertheless, in some cases, depending on injuries caused, as well as the conditions and circumstances that the missconduct took place, the fire related crime can be charged as an offense rather than a lawful crime in California and in Los Angeles.

California Arson Laws and Statutes

The statutes for Arson and its related crimes are as follows in the California Penal Code.

  • California Penal Code: Section 451 (Arson)
  • California Penal Code: Section 451.5 (Aggravated Arson)
  • California Penal Code: Section 452 (Unlawful Causing a Fire)
  • California Penal Code: Section 453 (Manufacturing, Possession, and making the Material for the purpose of Arson)
  • California Penal Code: Section 455 (Attempted Arson)
  • California Penal Code: Section 457.1 (Requiring Registration for Arson Conviction)

Punishment / Penalty

The crime of Arson or fire in California of a timberland, is charged under California Penal Code Section 451(c). Is a lawful offense granting detainment in a state jail for two, four or six years in Prison.

A straightforward pyromania or charring of property, that isn't your own property, is charged under California Penal Code Section 451(d). Is a lawful offense granting detainment in a state jail for 16 months, two, or three years.

Those cases that cause extraordinary conflagration injury are charged and sentenced as crimes of Arson under the California Penal Code Section 451(a), such cases are lawful offenses deserving of detainment in a state jail for five, seven, or nine years.

An incendiarism by intention and with cause of action that consumes an occupied structure or owned property is charged under the California Penal Code Section 451(b) is deserving of detainment in the state jail for three, five, or eight years.

  • Arson of Property: Felony and 3 years' imprisonment
  • Aggravated Arson: Felony and Life Imprisonment
  • Attempted Arson: 3 Years Imprisonment


  • Lack of Intention / By Mistake
  • Age under 14 Years
  • Mental Incapacity
  • Justification / Necessity

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