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California penal Code 26150 and 26155 PC

The rules and regulations of California are very much strict, and a resident must be aware of all those rules and regulations to avoid problems in the future. For example, it is a crime to carry a firearm, whether loaded or unloaded along with you in the public areas of California. No matter whether you have a concealed firearm or you are having an open firearm, and you are not allowed to do so. If you do not have a CCW permit, then carrying a gun or anything related to it is prohibited in California.

Can you carry a concealed weapon in California?

There are several conditions which must be met in order to carry a firearm or pistol, the main ones are the following:

  • If you are a resident of California
  • In the case, if you have completed the course for the firearms training
  • There must be a valid reason behind using weapons. Because the Government of California does not want to put your family members in danger.
  • A person has to complete the training course of around 8 hours, and it must include the live-fire shooting exercises. 

Who issues the permit of carrying a firearm?

As per the California attorneys, you must fulfill these conditions. The permit is issued by following authorities

  • The head of the municipal police department, and it all comes under the Penal code 26155
  • The Sheriff of a county and it is released under the penal code 26150
  • The penal code 26150 and 26155 are the new version of California Penal Code 12050, which changed since January 1, 2012, and deals with the carrying of concealed weapons.
  • The criminal code consisting of the permit includes all the information related to the license regarding the carrying of handguns in the public sector across California. In other words, this penal code contains all the information related to the rules and regulations for carrying concealed weapons.

Whether the California CCW permit laws are unconstitutional?

People are always doubtful whether the California CCW permit laws are unconstitutional. In the year 2014, the Government of California has made everything cleared, and they made people resolve their issues related to it.

But at last in the year 2016, the Government of California announced that gun owners need a permit to carry a concealed weapon while they are in California.

What is the California Permit which allows carrying a concealed weapon?

A person is only allowed to carry weapons along with them if they fulfill the following terms and conditions

  • They must fulfill all the requirements of Penal code 25400 PC, which is related to the California law against concealed firearm
  • They must satisfy all the elements of Penal code 25850 PC, which is similar to the California law against carrying a loaded firearm in public
  • They must fulfill all the requirements of Penal code 26350 PC, which is related to the California law against openly carrying an unloaded gun in public.
  • All of these rules and regulations will not work if a person satisfying following terms and conditions
  • When a pistol, firearm or a resolver is within the trunk of the car
  • When a weapon is placed in the locked car, but it must not be placed inside the glove box
  • When you are carrying the firearm inside or outside the car, then you should be entitled to the firearm

Requirements to fulfill all the terms and conditions of penal 26150 and 26155 PC

  • You must have a moral character, it means that there must not be any crime registered against you
  • You must have the right reason to have a permit to carry firearm along with you
  • You are a resident of California, it may be inside or outside California.
  • You have undergone the training for using the firearms

List of the people, who are not able to get the permit:

  • People who are addicted to narcotics or drugs
  • People who are mental problems
  • People who are facing issues related to domestic violence

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