California Constructive Possession of Stolen Property Law

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What is Constructive possession of stolen property?

This kind of crime is described as a situation in which a property is stolen, but may not necessarily be in the hands or possession of the person accused of this crime. An example will elaborate this better; a person can be accused of stealing a laptop and the laptop is in the place of residence of the accused person. Now, even if the person is in the same room as the laptop, it would be laborious for the offender to be physically holding it. Nevertheless, the stolen good is under the accused's control and he or she is aware of it.

Charges for Constructive Possession of Stolen Property in California

California Penal Code Section 496 PC establishes the punishments for this crime as well as receiving stolen property in California as follows:  

  • As misdemeanor the punishment is one-year imprisonment in jail
  • As felony the punishment is three-year imprisonment in jail


  • Lack of intent
  • Insufficient evidence
  • False Accusation

Criminal Defense Attorney in California

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