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Ways to be a Permanent Resident of California - Penal Code PC 18.5


Do you want to be a permanent residence holder in California? Are you planning to be part of the residential ship of California? If yes, then here is the right guide for you, which will help you to become a permanent resident of California.


As described in the penal code PC 18.5, you should know about the immigration visa preference and visa category.


As a first thing that you should understand when applying for the permanent residence or a California green card, you should know under which visa category you fall. If you come under the category of having any family member who is working in the United States of America, then there will be more chances of getting a green card. Or, there are many other visas, which can help you enter the United States of America. To have more information related to this,  a defense attorney has the capacity to provide the right help.


Catch the Speed Process Under the Penal Code PC 18.5


The category that you will choose for applying the green code directly impacts the speed for getting the green card within the California state. There are some of the classes, which consume a short time for getting the visa. To get that, you should understand all the rules and regulations related to it, and if not, then it will take some years to get your visa to come to the United States of America.


Have information related to the Visa Bulletin from Penal Code PC 18.5

To have more details on the visa bulletin, you can learn about the visa bulletin added within the U.S Department of State, which is established every month. It always comes with the latest information related to the immigration visa numbers.


From it, you will come to know about how many people are getting an immigration visa in the United States across the year. It all depends upon the number of immigrants who are applying for the permit each year. You can have more information related to it from a California lawyer.


Groups or categories in which the visa bulletin depends upon

  • What is the family-sponsored visa category?


The family-sponsored category is related to immigration, kids of the US citizens, and parents of US citizens. In this case, the visas are not offered to those people who come into this category. They are divided into four categories, which are first, second, third, and fourth.


The visa bulletin consists of all the information in terms of the table, including all the information related to the categories and cut off dates related to the visa. If you find that your cut-off time is matching along with the existing one, you can easily apply for the visa. All the information related to the date is added by the United States immigration and customs services or USCIS.


  • What is an Immediate Relative Visa as per Penal Code PC 18.5?


An immediate relative visa is quite a fast way to get a visa for the United States of America. If you are going to apply for a quick relative visa, then the person must be under 21 years, and his parents must be citizens of the United States.


  • First employment-based immigration Visa


The first employment-based immigration visa is the best idea for workers. Such workers must have proficiency in their fields, or they can be award-winning scientists. Executive or CEO are also included in the first employment-based immigration preference.


Other categories for the employment-based immigration preference are that you should need to understand before applying for the immigration visa for the United States.

  • Second & third employment-based immigration process
  • The fourth employment-based immigration process


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