California Sodomy Laws – Penal Code Section 286 PC

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Sodomy which is also known as deviant sexual behavior,  is oral or anal sexual intercourse with someone of the same or opposite sex. In practice, when it comes to implications with sodomy laws, it only exists in some countries where rarely are enforced against heterosexual couples, and have mostly been used to target homosexuals.

Sodomy Laws in California

sodomy law defines certain sexual acts as a sexual crime. California Penal Code Section 286 PC which describes sodomy as a crime if it happens without the other party's consent or will, or if it takes place with a child or a minor an additional charge of statutory rape might apply. The legal definition of sodomy in California is sexual penetration without the consent of one of the persons involved. However anal copulation between consenting adults and without any threat or use of force is perfectly legal by the law in California and throughout the United States.

Punishment for sodomy charges in California

  • As misdemeanor it is punishable by one-year imprisonment and fine up to $ 1000
  • As felony the punishment of this is 16 months, 2 or 3 years in jail and fine up to $10,000


  • False allegation
  • Lack of  evidence
  • Confession was coerced
  • Consent is present  

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