California weed laws

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All you need to know about California Marijuana Laws Penal code 11359

In the year 2018, the excessive use of Marijuana became illegal in California. As per the California Laws, possession of around 1 ounce of Marijuana is only allowed. Whereas, a person can only grow around six Marijuana plants in his area for this personal usage.

If a person is found having an amount more than this, he or she will be punished, and he may be punished to have a jail sentence of around six months, and it also leads him to pay a fine of $500.

Restrictions on the transport of Marijuana as per Penal Code 11359

The primary thing, which is always focused by the California law, is a crime to sell Marijuana across any of the regions across California without having a license for it. Such license usually is doesn't involve much trouble beyond all the legal requisites and conditions, unless you are a person with previous drug convictions or charges of violating the California drug laws.

Simple Possession Law – Health and Safety Penal Code PC 11357

The health and safety criminal code 11357 is related to the rules and regulations related to Marijuana. As per this law, possessing more than 28.5 grams of the drug is not allowed in California. This rule applies to people who are more than 21 years old. Regarding smoking weed, you are only allowed to smoke Marijuana in any establishment of California, but only after you are permitted by the property owner.

Under What Circumstance Having Marijuana is a Crime

  • A defense attorney will always tell you that you should be above 21 years old to have Marijuana.
  •  If you have more than 28.5 grams of Marijuana, then it will be a crime doing so.


All about the Cultivation of Marijuana in California – Health and Safety Penal code PC 11358

The cultivation of Marijuana is only allowed to those persons who are more than 21 years old. The biggest thing to know about Marijuana is that they must be grown indoors or in the case, if a person needs to build it outside, then he or she has to take permission for it. Marijuana plants are always grown at a safe location. Even though they must be away from the minors' reach, if anyone below 21 years of age, found growing Marijuana within California, he or she will be fined $100. Here, in this case, a person needs to get a consultation from a Criminal Defense attorney. 

Who cannot Grow Marijuana in California?

The Government of California has stated some rules and regulations according to which a person who is fulfilling these terms and conditions can only grow Marijuana across the state:

  • A person must not be registered in any type of  sex crime
  • A person must not be registered with any of the cases related to the cultivation of Marijuana over the six months duration.
  • A person must not violate any of the laws or rules related to harming the environment of California. 

Selling of Marijuana – Health and Safety Penal code PC 11360

According to the health and safety penal code PC 11360, the sale of Marijuana without a license is a crime, and if you are going to sell Marijuana, then you should have a proper license to sell that. Such permits are issued by the office of the Bureau of Marijuana Control. 

As per Health and Safety Penal Code PC 11360, there are some rules and regulations related to the selling or transportation of marijuana to which a Minor is not allow to do so:

  • Furnish
  • Give away
  • Peddle
  • Transport
  • Sell
  • Prepare it for sale
  • Manage the selling of the product and other things related to it.


Although is legal for an adult to consume, to grow, and distribute weed in the state of California there are several legal guidelines that have to be followed in order to comply and stay under the law. Therefore the guidance of a criminal attorney is crucial; guidance that at The Law Office of Raoul Severo is taken seriously in any of the cases that come under our wing. Find yourself a free first glimpse of your case while entering the coupon code for an attorney in your message: CriminalDefense_07-20


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