Carjacking Laws in California – Penal Code Section 215 PC

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According to California Penal Code Section 215 PC Carjacking in California is a kind of robbery which is described as the taking or theft of an automobile or any motor vehicle such a car or a bike from its driver, (regardless if he or she is the owner or not of the vehicle) by inflicting physical force, threat or intimidation by the offender to the victim during the act of taking over the vehicle. 

Carjacking is charged under the penal code as a crime that can easily be linked to other felony charges such as kidnapping or grand theft auto "GTA". For example, in a case where a child is in the car at the moment that the crime occurred, kidnapping charges might be added to the total of crimes committed as well as substantial fines.

Punishment and defense for Carjacking charges

The Punishment for this crime is up to 9 years in Jail and may increase if:

  • The victim got injured
  • A weapon or firearm was used to commit the crime
  • The offense was meant for the benefit of a gang
  • Someone was kidnaped during the carjacking

Depending on the case, several defenses can apply to carjacking, including:

  • Being the victim or mistakenly identified as the offender
  • The use of force or intimidation was not inflicted to committed the act

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