Conceal and Forge Documents - California PC 114, 115.25(c), 115.5

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Conceal and Forge Documents - California Penal Code 114 and 115.5

California's law structure is very strict and rigid when it comes to a crime like the production of forge documents or concealing the real ones. With this, the California Penal Code 114 and 115.5 covers a huge area to identify the malpractices. In short, concealing the citizenship information or presenting the forged documents is a heinous crime. Scroll down for a better understanding.


Getting caught using false documents Citizenship - California Penal Code 114

The law and order of the United States ensure that nobody is hiding their citizenship with the use of false or fake documents. Under California Penal Code 114, if a person, the person having forged documents, using them, or even knowing that the documents they have are fake, can be charged with penalties. The punishment can be minimized at the hands of a criminal attorney.


Usage of false documents to hide Citizenship - California Penal Code 115.25 (c)

Under this law, one cannot produce or distribute any document containing a campaign advertisement or something similar where they know that it includes emergency service phone numbers for a plethora of emergency services such as police, fire services, etc.


Possession of fake documents to hide Citizenship - California Penal Code 115.5

Under the California Penal code section 115.5, if you are found in the following circumstances, you will be declared guilty as follows.

  1.  If you swear on a false oath to any notary public to induce any notary public while knowing that you are taking the wrong pledge, then you are guilty of a felony. You might be using a false document or instrument to place your legal claim on any property of a single-family residence with dwelling units not exceeding the number four.

  2. Also, if you submit fake documents at country records to affect titles, to place an encumbrance on, or to release an interest secured by a mortgage/ deed of trust on a property, then you are guilty certainly. Here, the property might not have more than four dwelling units and you are aware that the documents you are submitting are false, then you are charged with a monetary fine up to $75,000 or any other punishment along with it.


Punishments for Conceal and Forge Documents - California Penal Code 114 and 115.5

In any of the above cases, you can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor. When you are convicted as a felony or even a misdemeanor, you might face imprisonment in a county jail of 6 months or more. In case, you are using false documents either to work in the country or to get a driving license, then you might not be considered as a felony but a misdemeanor according to legal authorities of California.

But, when it comes to the hands of deciding authorities, they will consider it a felony as you are concealing your citizenship information and that is a heinous crime in itself. Therefore, you may have to bear the following circumstances.

  1. Under California PC 114, if you are found guilty, you can be punished with a fine of $25000 or even the imprisonment of five long years.

  2. Under California PC 115.5, if you are guilty, then you will have to bear one punishment and also an additional fine up to $75,000.

  3. Under California PC 115.25 (c), guilty will be fined up to $250, and if you become the reason behind some serious injury or death of someone who relied on your provided phone numbers, then the fine can be up to $10000 and up to one year of county jail imprisonment.

With this, you can even get blocked from becoming a citizen for the upcoming future completely. Otherwise, it is for sure that you will get such a criminal record from which it will not be possible for you to get off unless you seek the help of a defense attorney.


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