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If a person assists another person in a crime or conspire with another person to commit a crime then that person will be charged under derivative crime. It means that the person behind the crime acting as an assistant, conspirer, or accomplice is also responsible for the punishment of that crime which is committed under his aid. And will be accused of a derivative crime. The derivative crimes include,

These are the most common crimes that are attached to a derivative crime. Nevertheless, there are many other types of cases that after committing a crime charges for derivate crime can be applied.

Responsibility for Derivative Crimes

Depending on the case, sometimes people other than the main culprit of crime might be considered responsible for that crime. The terms differ over the states, however frequently these individuals are known as associates or frill. Assistants might be known as aiders and abettors. They might be charged in the event that they deliberately make the plan or aid to help another person to commit a crime or on the off chance that they urge someone else to commit any offense or crime.

An assistant doesn't have to personally take part in committing a crime. They may help the accused to carry out in somehow the crime or to escape after the crime is being committed. A few examples of cases accused of derivative crime may include getaway drivers, mastermind or planning the crime, helping to accomplish an accessory of the crime, among others.

It is imperative to know that an accomplice can get the same punishments as the main accused. Regardless if the main accused behind the crime is never caught and convicted, an accomplice can be convicted of the crime and punished under the eye of the law.

California Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney can represent and defend your case in court if you have been charged with a derivative crime in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the state of California. The defending process by a criminal defense attorney is crucial in a derivative crime charge in order to get a strong case and get the best deal possible. 

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