Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence (DV) is a term that goes beyond the obvious meaning, is a broad term that includes any kind of abuse or attempt by one person in a marriage or even just an intimate relationship to dominate, or subjugate and control the other.

Under the eye of the law domestic violence is a criminal offense where charges and punishments vary widely depending on the case and circumstances; such as the nature of the relationship, the location where the crime took place or the accused's criminal history, among others. Child abuse, stalking, as well as elder abuse, are just some of the many examples that classifies under this type of crime. It is worth highlighting that a severe case or serious home violence are charged as felonies.


These are some of the most common types of domestic violence in California

Punishments and penalties for domestic violence charges in California

Conviction oscillates depending on circumstances and many other factors of the case that can include:

  • A minimum jail time is mandatory 
  • Involvement in domestic violence classes or “batterer's intervention program" is obligatory
  • Substantial Fines and/or victim restitution
  • Restraining or protective order for domestic violence
  • The right for gun possession in California is loss
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Deportation or similar consequences can apply for US non-citizens

Defense for  domestic violence charges in California 

A criminal defense attorney is essential to get the best deal possible that the law can offer. Legal defenses for these kind of charges include:

  • The victim made a false accusation
  • The act was an accident
  • The accused acted in self-defense or defending someone else
  • The injuries did not result from the defendant's actions

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