Driving Offenses

DUI and other driving offenses, like hit and run, reckless driving, evading an officer, driving on a suspended license, or driving without a valid California license can threaten your ability to continue to operate a motor vehicle and subject you to other severe penalties. 

A repeat or aggravated DUI could potentially be a felony and cause you to lose your license for years on end. Even a first-offense DUI creates a criminal record and can haunt you for years as you seek gainful employment or to avoid deportation. And many driving crimes risk jail time and put points on your driving record which will increase your auto insurance rates.

The Law Office of Raoul Severo have shattered the myth that you can't fight a DUI or another driving-related criminal charge. We win DUI and other driving offense cases routinely. And even when a complete dismissal or an acquittal is unrealistic, we know how to get you a reduced charge and sentence, secure a restricted license, get you less strict parole terms, and lessen the serious impact of such a charge on your daily life.