Drug courts in the state of California

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A drug court is a special type of court that offers special programs for individuals with significant substance use and mental health disorders. They are considered a great  innovative and effective solution to handling these kinds of issues within the criminal court system. The main objective of the program is to offer the participant the chance to enter long-term drug treatment and agree to court supervision preferably than getting a jail sentence.

Drug courts in California offer this kind long-term drug treatment aimed to reduce crime and affect positively people's lives. Basically are rigorous programs that demand anyone who joins them to maintain recovery, take on responsibilities, and work towards lifestyle changes.  The supervision and authority of the court are presented during the whole program 

In short, drug courts put treatment and rehabilitation ahead of punishment aiming to achieving the following  goals:

  • Reduce and fight against recidivism, substance abuse and aid people with mental health disorders 
  • increase the offender's probability to reach a positive and successful rehabilitation by addressing rigorously either substance abuse or mental health problems

Key Components of Drug Courts in California

  • Drug courts provide an alternative treatment services for alcohol and drug abuse, aligned with the justice system of California
  • By Using a non-adversarial approach, prosecution and defense counseling a drug court promotes public safety while addressing these kinds of cases. Participants of this program should waive their due process of law rights for a speedy trial and sign a pre-emptive confession before being allowed to participate in such program
  • Maintaining a timetable and follow up tasks for each case 
  • A coordinated strategy and proper program structure designed to achieve and monitoring compliance and goals of each case
  • Knowledge base educational activities among each case  that takes place in a drug court in the state of California. 

Need guidance for a drug court case  in California?

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