Drug Crimes

In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, drug crimes arrests are extremely common. But it is also very common for false arrests to be made or for police to violate the rights of arrestees. We don't let them get away with that. California is one of the biggest and maximum populous states within the United States.

It is very common crime among the youngsters. And they are badly affected by this type of crimes many for the sake of money and many by default involved in this type crime. But our experts are able to protect you if you are by mistake involve in these crimes

With its numerous transportation hubs and shared border with Mexico, capsules flow in and out of the nation regularly. Numerous laws were enacted over the years to cut down the import of medication into California, crack down on distribution and diversion within the nation, and minimize drug abuse and drug-associated crimes. Some of the varieties of laws and type of crimes regarding drugs in California and Los Angeles are related to the following

 Types and Variety of Drug Crimes

  • Possession of Drugs
  • Distribution of Drugs
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Manufacturing, Growing and Production
  • Diversion of Drug Prescription
  • Transport of Drugs
  • Methamphetamine Possession
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession of over 28.5 grams or one (1) ounce of marijuana for personal use.
  • Furnishing Alcohol to Minors
  • Public Intoxication
  • Drunk Driving
  • Drug DUI


The consequences for a drug crime conviction in California depends on some of factors, inclusive of the defendant's criminal history, amount of the managed substance involved, and where the drug fee violation occurred (together with at a school). Drug crimes may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies. For example, a conviction for drug ownership with reason to distribute is usually a felony, with penalties consisting of up to four years in jail and a pleasant of up to $20,000. Generally, drug sales charges are not eligible for a diversion program. After serving a prison sentence, the defendant might also nevertheless be required to test in with their parole officer, keep the parole conditions, put up to random searches, and submit to drug testing.


These are some defenses and many more according to situation and consequences of the case which our experts and law officer have experienced regarding this and fully have knowledge about this type of accusation.

  • Medically Required
  • Suggested by Doctor
  • Illegal Search and Seizure
  • Entrapment
  • Lab Analysis Problem

Our Expertise

Raoul Severo knows exactly which questions to ask and where to look to uncover police misconduct. Indeed, Mr. Severo was able to secure the highest jury verdict ever rendered against the Los Angeles Police Department in a police misconduct case.

The Law Office of Raoul Severo has handled all of these charges in the past and more, and we understand what it takes to win. The prosecution often overplays their hand and tries to pressure us into capitulation, but we call their bluff. We know how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution's case and exploit them