False Documents, information Law - California PC 112, 113, 115, 115.25

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Selling or manufacturing false govt. documents: California Penal Code 112


In accordance with the California Penal Code 112, if a person sells or manufactures false govt. ID either to hide the true citizenship or residential status of anyone, he or she shall be imprisoned for a tenure of one year. A criminal attorney has the discretion to put the charges on guilty against violation of the law. Here, the government document corresponds to a catalog issued by the US government or another local government and state government. Other laws related to the crime are as follows for which you need to scroll down.


  • California Penal Code 113: False ID
  • California Penal Code 115: Recording false instrument
  • California Penal Code 115.25: Giving false emergency information


With the use of these penal codes, a Criminal Defense attorney shall have the right to take any action against the guilty of selling/manufacturing false ID, recording false instrument or giving false emergency information too which come under California Penal code 115 and 115.25.


Punishments for selling / manufacturing false govt. documents: California Penal Code 112 and 113


The extent of punishment for specific crimes varies according to the following situations. Here is the list of penalties and punishments as follows.


  • Under California Penal Code 112, one who sells or manufactures false documents to disguise the information about citizenship of a person or hiding their resident alien status can be punished with 1 year of imprisonment. The list of such documents includes passport,  identification card, social security card, and many more documents issued by the US government or any lower level of government let it be state or local.
  • A person who manufactures or sells false documents to keep the actual citizenship or resident alien status of any person hidden, he or she becomes culpable of a felony. In this case, a person gets punished with imprisonment of 5 years or a fine of $75,000 according to California Penal Code 113 subdivision (h) under section 1170.


Technically, you can either be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. If you commit a misdemeanor more than once, then you can be charged a felony and the consequences to both are very bad. Whether you are going to spend 6 months in a county jail or you are paying some fine for the same, it will impact your permanent criminal record file a lot. With this, you can find it too challenging for your future jobs or any career you opt for.


Possible defense for a felony in selling / manufacturing false govt. documents: California Penal Code 112 and 113

In case, you are a felony in the case of false document distribution, it is the best option for you to act as fast as you can. As soon as you will contact a defense attorney, more are the chances for a California lawyer to minimize the penalties or dismiss the case. When you get convicted as a criminal felony, you can lose your driving license, your student loan, right to vote, or maybe access to some specific places. Therefore, it becomes quite essential for you to contact an expert defense lawyer with the full throttle. Finding a great lawyer might be difficult for you, but when he connects to you regularly, then you can find plenty of solutions to escape, therefore a criminal law firm  is one of the best solutions for you to fight as a defendant in this case.


California Federal Criminal Law and Federal Criminal Statutes attorney

In case you are charged as a criminal felony under California Penal Code 112 and 113, you must know one thing for sure that it is not uncommon for California people to be charged with false ID or fake ID possessions. It is possible that you might not have known anything about the process earlier or something identical.

In any possible way, you cannot refuse the guidance of an expert defense attorney as he can be the only person who can actually help you. A felony offense can disturb your permanent criminal history and record, therefore, you must not delay in reaching the right lawyer.

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