Firearm Offenses

Gun laws in California are numerous and complex. It is easy for law abiding citizens to get dragged into court over a host of technicalities or for innocent people to be wrongfully accused of gun-law violations. 

Illegal possession of a firearm by a felon or other restricted class, illegal sale of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm in public, using a gun on school grounds or on government property, owning certain classes of assault weapons or rifles, use of gun silencers or armor-piercing ammunition, brandishing a firearm, assault with a firearm, and drive-by shooting are all on the books.

The Law Office of Raoul Severo understands that many factors, like the type of weapon used and the defendant's past criminal history, often affect your case. We also realize the vast difference between certain light misdemeanor sentences and felonies that can get you 10 years in state prison.

Attorney Severo will build you a tailor-made defense based on the facts of your specific case and maximize your chances of a favorable outcome for any type of gun-crimes charge.