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This crime comes under the Penal Code Section 487, 489 PC of California and refers to the illegal taking of a property or anything else of higher value than $950 USD from another person. However, the Penal Code makes certain exceptions to the $950 value point in worth of things. For example, if the stolen items are livestock, agricultural goods, a motor vehicle or any other vehicle, airplane, or a firearm, the crime would be considered grand theft in the eye of law even if the property is under $950 USD in amount. Additionally, if the stolen property was taken off from a person's body, the offense would also be considered as a grand theft under the penal code, regardless of the property's value. Grand larceny is usually considered a felony under the law unlikely to petty larceny which is commonly a misdemeanor by nature.

Legal Issue & Punishments 

Grand larceny can result in up to 3 years of incarceration, substantial fines, and longstanding criminal record for the defendant as well. However, probation and parole periods can apply to some cases. The charges depend upon the circumstances of the crime and nature of the stolen things, as well as the criminal history of the defendant and the value of the stolen  property. In order to be convicted of grand larceny in California, ALL of the following points must be proven in the court:

  • Personal property was taken by illegal manners
  • The stolen property was kept or under possession for even the smallest amount of time
  • The owner of the property did not give consent to take the property from his or her possession

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