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Lets define first the act of hit and run before we covered all the implications that this can carry. Basically is a misdemeanor or a felony (depending on the circumstances of the case) in which a person is involved in a car accident,  with either another automobile, a pedestrian or even a building or structure, and afterwards leave the scene without stopping to identify yourself or provide any kind of help to anyone who might need it. Additionally, it doesn't matter if you caused the accident or not, the offense takes place as soon as you leave the scene, but in some states if you return to the scene after calling for help a hit and run charge might be removed.

California Hit and Run Law

California Vehicle Code 20002 VC describes misdemeanor hit and run law in California. According to this section it is a crime to flee the scene of an accident without stopping your vehicle and providing your information to the other driver or victim whose vehicle suffered property damage by you.

The difference between misdemeanor and felony in a hit and run case depends on whether or not someone was injured as a result of collision. If the accident by your vehicle only causes property damage, then the state can only file misdemeanor charges against you. But If the victim suffers bodily injury or death, then it will be considered a felony under the California Law, Vehicle Code 20001 VC. 


The punishment of Hit and Run offense is imprisonment of 6 month in jail or fine up to $1000


  • No Intention
  • No property Damage
  • Lack of evidence
  • Victim agrees to civil compromise
  • False Accusation

Hit and Run defense attorney in California

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