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The death of any human being classifies as a homicide. However, on one hand not all homicides are crimes, such as self-defense cases or when any of the law enforcement officers kill someone in the line of duty and under justified circumstances. On the other hand there are criminal homicides such as involuntary manslaughter or murder, that by nature, includes either the killing of any person by negligence or willful intent; carrying multiple degrees of punishments depending the gravity of the act.

Depending on several factors and conditions, homicides in California are divided as follows: 


First degree murder is an act that takes place with intention and premeditation, and therefore represents the most severe criminal homicide. Usually, first degree murder is both intentional and premeditated. The intention includes even killing someone that was not the victim who was originally planned to kill and the premeditation can be from short to long term.


Basically means killing someone illegally and therefore is a kind of murder. The least severe form of manslaughter is involuntary manslaughter. For this case the offender didn't want to kill anyone, but nevertheless the victim got killed as a result from either  criminally negligent or reckless behavior.

Legal Homicides

Last but not least, not all homicides are illegal. Legal Homicides take place as a "justified homicide" for example a  killing in justified self-defense or defense of someone else.

Legal Issue and Punishment of Homicide in California

The penalties for homicide crime in California vary and depending upon which type was committed and what are the conditions of the case. Murder convictions cases whether first degree or second degree under the law result long term imprisonment in jail, depending on the circumstances of the crime and facts of the situation. The penalty for this crime could include life imprisonment without parole or even the death penalty. Manslaughter criminal charges carry less severe punishments by the law of California but still can lead to imprisonment. The trial for homicide in California can take a long period of time along with complications and emotional stress for everyone involved.

California Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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