How Much Does It Cost To File I-765?

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Qualifying for a work permit in the United States is not as challenging as you might be assuming because even foreigners living temporarily in the US can also get it. There are certain terms and conditions that every person needs to fulfill. Scroll down to gather all the necessary information about the costs of I-765, the form that you need for filing a work permit. 

Cost of Application for Employment Authorization: I-765

The prominent step to get the work permit is requesting work authorization with the help of the I-765 form. After approval of the same, alien residents will get an EAD that is an Employment Authorization Document. Here are the cost details for the same.

  • For initial EAD, one needs to usually pay a fee of $410 USD while filing form I-765.
  • In case there is a need for biometrics, then you need to pay an extra $85. Generally, the applicants who come under the category of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) need to go through the biometrics procedure.

This total of $495 is all about the fees that you require to pay while filing the form I-765. Apart from that, there are certain other conditions according to which one can get exempted from the cost and many more things.

Charges for EAD Replacement:

If you have lost your previous EAD or it has been undergoing damage, theft, or it costs any wrong or misspelled information, you can apply for a replacement. When you are seeking a replacement for EAD and you belong to the following categories, you will not need to pay any fee:

  • Being dependent on a foreign government, NATO personnel, or an international organization.
  • Your card contains wrong information due to USCIS error. (In case information on your card is wrong but the reason is other than USCIS error, you will have to pay the fee).

In case you are filing for an EAD for grant of temporary protected status or due to any application, then you can apply for a waiver of fee under 8 CFR 103.7 (c).

While applying for the renewal of EAD, the following category people can get an exception from the fee:

  • Citizens of Palau, Marshall Islands, and Micronesia
  • People Having Withholding Of Deportation
  • Dependents of a specific foreign government, a NATO personnel or an international organization
  • People who need adjustment in status and applied after July 30, 2007 (here filing fee is needed not the biometrics fee)

Typically the filing fee for I-765 form is $410 with some people having exceptions of fee-waivers.

Who Does Not Need To Pay Any Fee For I-765 Filing?

According to the USCIS instructions for filing I-765, if you fall under any of the following categories and applying the very first time, you do not need to spend any penny from your pocket:

  • Refugees
  • VAWA Self-petitioner
  • U-1 Non-immigrant
  • Asylee
  • Paroled as Refugee
  •  Having withholding of deportation
  • N-8 or N-9 nonimmigrant
  • Citizen of Palau, Marshall Islands, or Micronesia
  • Victim of T-1 form of trafficking
  • Asylum applicant
  • Dependent on certain foreign govt., a NATO personnel or international organization

How to File for Fee-Waiver if Eligible?

If you are not getting the option to get a fee-waiver for the I-765 form, you might be eligible for a fee waiver. In that case, you need to go through the following instructions.

  • Fill out form I-912 that corresponds to a request for a fee waiver.
  • Submit I-912 along with the I-765 form.
  • Attach the proof documents related to the category due to which you are getting a waiver in the fee.
  • In case you do not wish to fill I-912, you can just submit a letter.
  • Include all the necessary details in your letter as to why you are unable to pay the fee and want a waiver.
  • Submit the letter with the I-765 form while attaching all the necessary documents useful for pitching for the fee waiver. Including all of the evidence that proves that you are unable to pay the fee.

With all these documentation and application procedures, you can get exempted from paying the fee.

Legal assistance to file i 765

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