Injunctive Relief in California

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What is an Injunctive Relief?

An injunction relief is a court order to handle a problem or an issue filed by a person or any legal entity  against an act or condition which has been requested, and sometimes granted, in a petition to the court for an injunction. There are two types of injunction order, temporary and permanent injunction. In temporary, the relief is for a short time until a specific action is performed. And the permanent is based on the performance of a specific action or settled on a permanent basis.

Nature and purpose of a Injunctive Relief

By nature, the injunctive order is a legal remedy in civil litigation where the court holds the specific action in the early stage of a suit. It is basically a short order of the court to prevent the person or legal entity from any performance and action. It comes when the remedies are not satisfactory for the parties and there is a scope of harm and injury by any action, so the court has the power to stop such action by issuing an injunctive order.

The injunctive order is relief in which a court awards with immediate effect and enforcement for doing or not some act for public interest or in favor of the applicant. The following are the purposes

  • Immediate remedy
  • Time-saving source
  • Short order by the court in favor of the public at large or individual
  • Awarding the remedies to the aggrieved to give stay on the subject matter or cause of action
  • Stop the harmful activity or prevent the wrong doing to any private or public officer or men by issuing the injunction order
  • Grant the fully speedy remedy

 Effects and Outcomes of a Injunctive Relief

This kind of measure speeds up the justice procedures and prevents the wrong full act by the immediate effect. The remedy awarded to the victim by the court's order provides legal assistance to the end or until a certain act  is performed.

  • Speedy Justice
  • Prevent the wrongful act with immediate effect
  • Grant the remedy to the victim and the possible limit
  • Prevent the parties from the performance of any agreement which is against the law
  • Provide or grant temporary  the opportunity to litigators  to fix a wrongdoing
  • Relief on the spot granted by the courts to the parties.

The injunctive relief is not a proper source of justice on the long way. It is just a tool that provides order for a specific period of time regarding actions and performances and not a judgment or decision.

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