Mental Health Court in California

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What is a mental health court?

Mental health courts are particular courts that were created to enhance the response to persons with serious mental illnesses who for x or y reason have reached or contacted the criminal justice system.

The goals of mental health courts in California is to decrease imprisonment and recidivism (committing more crimes) of individuals with serious mental illnesses. Along with this goal, provide the aid and services needed to individuals so they don't offend again. In order to achieve this, mental courts in California:

  • Connect offenders with serious mental disabilities to organizations that provide local behavioral health service. 
  • Reduce homeless population and improve public safety by reducing the number of arrests and jail sentencing of individuals diagnosed with mental illness
  • Improve police department's ability to identify and assess inmates with mental illness
  • Connect homeless individuals with mental health care services and community support groups
  • Assist in the development of Individual treatment plans that serve the offenders and the community.
  • Rigorous supervision by the courts.
  • Expectations for adherence to all terms and requirements. 

Program eligibility requirements for participants

The requirements for a Programme run by California Mental health Court are:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Diagnosed with a major mental illness
  • Willing to enter treatment and adhere to rules
  • Agree to meet regularly with case worker and report to court for routine updates

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