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You might not know, but you have the right to see your criminal records and it includes all the things related to the conviction, and in some of the cases, it includes the information related to the arrest too.

Criminal laws are always the point of concern among people. It is also known as a rap sheet, and it includes all the information related to the person's criminal records, convictions, and arrests. But the information is different from one state to the other. Here, in California, the searches for my criminal record are increasing day-by-day.

The department of Justice and division of California maintains all the records related to the Penal Section 11105. They all make sure that the details related to the fingerprints and history must be kept along with them all the time. 

Things included in the criminal records and Penal Code Section 11105

Both of the federal law and enforcement agencies decide all the things related to the criminal records and everything is included in the Penal Code Section 11105. To know more about the criminal records, you must consult the best criminal attorney. They all maintain all the records associated with it. As per the rules and regulations of the criminal records includes all the things like aliases, birth date, name, height, and weight.

Ways to obtain the copy of the criminal record through Penal Code Section 11105

With the help of a Criminal Defense attorney, there are many rules and regulations to obtain a copy of the criminal record. Everything is written inside the Penal Code Section 11105. The best method for obtaining the criminal record is to get a copy from the FBI directly. You can also contact the state police or state Bureau of investigation. While you are visiting them, you might be required to provide your fingerprints.  

Who can see your available records according to Penal Code Section 11105?

If you are worried about all details that can be registered on your records, then as per California lawyers, only the law enforcement agencies can access the information given by you. In the case, if you get involved in any of the criminal cases, then your criminal lawyer in California will access the information offered by you. They all check for errors. Besides them, the employers, school, or college representatives also have access to the information present within the criminal records. 

The rules and regulations for each state are different, however here are the circumstances during which your criminal record via Penal Code Section 11105 can be checked:

  • While you are looking to purchase guns
  • When you are going to apply for a job in a school or any other educational institute
  • When the case of the security clearance
  • While you are looking to adopt a child
  • During the case of immigration, international travel, and naturalization
  • When you are looking to apply for the business license
  • When you are looking to register yourself for a vote

How can you correct your criminal record?

It is the primary question that everyone asks a defense lawyer as people are very much concerned about how they can edit or change the wrong information added by them. In this case, you have to consult along with the state Government. If you want to have any editing, then your defense attorney will help you out.

What are sex offender registries?

Only the state and Government are responsible for the sex offender registries

How to Clear Your Criminal Records?

If you are involved in any crime, but still you are in trouble related to it, then here, in this case, only your California lawyer can help you, as well to understand that it is very much difficult to clear all major records against you. He/she is the only person who can help you to clear up all the things which are against you and  answer to the law about the charges that are registered on your criminal record.

How can you get legal assistance?

It is very much difficult to understand all the rules and regulations related to the Federal Criminal Law and Federal Criminal Statutes. It is very much essential to clear your records when you are looking to get a new job, or you want to purchase a new apartment. You have to make sure that your criminal records must be accurate. For more information related to the Penal Code Section 11105, you can contact the Law Office of Raoul Severo and apply the criminal defense coupon code CriminalDefense_07-20 for a discount of your first case assessment.      

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