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The concept of Personal Injury in California happens when Some else has caused you physical damage and therefore you are entitled by the law for compensation for the damages caused upon you. Such damages can be caused by several kinds of accidents like Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, DUI's, Workers Compensation, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Wrongful Death, or any other situation caused by somebody else's carelessness.

Damages caused in these kinds of cases can be devastating, leaving long term side effects. As a victim you have the right to file a claim and getting help from an experienced attorney is the best way to do it.

How to file a  personal injury settlement

  • Provide all information about what happened in the accident to your attorney (Lawyer) and the person or entity responsible for your  injury.
  • If you've been injured in an accident, it is important to put together as much documentation as possible. Gather evidence and proof from the spot, like pictures, or witnesses of the accident. That will help  your claim to be solid.
  • You must provide concisely and in detail all about the injury to your attorney, as well the kind of treatment received and recovery  conditions.
  • In order to get a claim from the insurance company with all of the information about your personal injury should be through a letter addressed to the insurance company asking them to settle the case. Your attorney will make this letter in legal language.
  • You must get your medical reports  and copies of all your bills, including the ambulance, the Emergency Room and the Physician service.

Attorney for personal injury settlement in California

Last but not least, have in mind that these kinds of cases are very complex and full of long processes. Therefore being patient and taking decisions without rush and always following the guidance of an experienced attorney is the best course of action to build a strong case and maximize your indemnization against the responsible party for the personal injuries caused. With more than 40 years of experience, The Law Office of Raoul Severo in California is glad to assist you, so please don't hesitate to reach out for a free of charge evaluation of your case.

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