Property Crimes charges in California

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Property crimes are a type of crimes that involve the illegal taking or destruction of another's property of any type with or without force, fear or threat against the victim. Under the eyes of the law there are many crimes that classified as a Property crime, which include among others:

Even if the property is not actually taken by the accused, and just having the intent to commit a property crime may be enough to be criminally charged and prosecuted in the court. Circumstances of property crimes vary depending on the degree and type of the crime committed. Petty theft crime, for example, may fall under a misdemeanor criminal charge, whereas arson or armed robbery will likely be charged as a felony. Consequences of property crimes will also depend upon the facts of what or how much was stolen or even destroyed from  property, and whether or not any force, threat or weapon was used or not.

Property Crime in California

Considering that these kinds of crimes in California vary in degree according to its nature, handling  these kinds of cases carelessly could represent a high chance of facing jail time and heavy fines. Ergo, hiring a criminal defense attorney capable of providing guidance step by step through the whole process constitutes the best course of action to get the best deal possible that the law has to offer. With more than 40 years of experience of criminal defense practice the Law Office of Raoul Severo will provide the best possible defense and an assessment of your case.

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