Robbery Laws in California – California Penal Code Section 211 PC

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What is considered a Robbery?

Robbery refers to the act or attempting to take or snatch anything of value from the care, custody or control of any person by the use of force, threat or violence and/or putting the owner, in this case the victim, in a dangerous situation.

California Robbery Laws

California Penal Code Section 211 PC describes the crime of robbery in California as a serious felony in which a personal property has been taken illegally from its owner against his/her consent and will, through the use of force, threat or violence.  This also includes that the act takes place with the physical presence of the victim when the robbery occurred.

Punishments for Robbery in California

  • As first-degree robbery the punishment is 3 to 9 years imprisonment in jail
  • As second-degree robbery the punishment is 2 to 5 years imprisonment in jail

Defense for Robbery in California

  • No force or Fear
  • False Accusation
  • Consent is present
  • Legal Right to take the property or the good

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