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Most first-time defendants make the same mistake -- underestimate their case and overestimate their capabilities. The reason most people decide not to hire a criminal defense attorney is mainly due to financial concerns. The truth is, however, you cannot put a price on your future and your freedom. If you are currently being charged with a felony or even a simple misdemeanor case, our Santa Barbara office in California will be more than happy to welcome you. 

Furthermore, our criminal defense attorneys here at the Law Office of Raoul Severo will give you the best advice depending on your case and come up with strong defenses to prove your innocence. The same amount of effort, if not more, will also be exerted even if all odds are against your favor. You'd be surprised to know that the law is quite considerate -- the judge may grant you probation instead of a prison sentence. This is given, of course, if you teamed up with the right criminal defense attorney. Here in our office, you never have to worry about getting the “right” one as all of the members in our team are very skilled and have handled cases of many nature such as domestic violence or driving offenses

With all of that in mind, you may visit our Santa Barbara office or any of our other branches in California, whichever is the most convenient for you. On top of that, our 24/7 real-time online agent is ready to assist you whenever and wherever you are in the world. Just send a message on the chatbox and you will be entertained as soon as possible.