Unparalleled Gravity and Acumen

" Raoul Severo represented me in a major federal criminal matter in which the Government alleged I was involved as a member of a conspiracy to defraud the United States. His gravity and acumen – those are traits that are acquired as a result of a lifetime of experience in the legal trenches—are unparalleled. As he mentioned to me when I first retained him: “You would never trust a novice to perform open-heart surgery on you. Why would you entrust the defense of your life to anyone without a wealth of experience defending the rights of persons caught up in the criminal justice system?”

Some time ago I was accused of a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) Act violation by the FBI's much-vaunted Transnational Organized Crime (TCO) task force. I was facing 30 years in a federal prison. I retained an attorney that I was referred to through word-of-mouth. After retaining this attorney, I kept having a different cast of attorneys appearing in court for arraignment, pre-trial hearings, including important hearings on motion to suppress evidence and dismiss the indictment. In short, I never saw the “famous” lawyer that I retained in court. I then hired Attorney Raoul Severo.

Mr. Severo personally took charge of my case, assigning experienced former federal investigators to track the Government's investigation by re-interviewing for the defense the witnesses the Government had lined up against me. In the process, several new witnesses were uncovered that the FBI decided not to interview because their statements did not fit the theory of their case against me.

Then, Mr. Severo pushed the Government to reveal the identity of its “star witness,” a former member of the TCO targeted by the FBI. The Government quickly decided that it did not want to sacrifice its star witness. My charges were reduced through a superseding indictment and I pleaded guilty to a much lesser charge. You could say I owe Raoul Severo my life, and that would be an understatement."

– Sergio V.