Sex Crimes

There are several different kind of offenses that the law consideres as a sex crime, nevertheless they all share a common attribute which is an ilegal or coerced sexual conduct or act against another person. Every state has laws applied to an specific kind of sex crime, where regardless of gravity of the case, all convicted offenders and considered “sex offenders” by their respective state, as well as having their names added to state and federal sex offender registries

The following crimes are some of the many offenses in California that are charged as sex crimes:

Rape - California Penal Code 261 PC

Statutory Rape - California Penal Code 261.5 PC 

Lewd Conduct - California Penal Code Section 647 a PC

Sexual battery - California Penal code Section 243.4 PC

Sexual Assault

Defenses against a sex crime charge in California

  • False accusation
  • Someone else's jealousy 
  • Lack of Motive 
  • Weak evidence
  • Plea of non-presence

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