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Sexual assault is any sexual act committed by any person towards another person without her/his consent or will. The nature of these acts involve coerces or physical force against the victim to perform the act, such as  vaginal intercourse, anal or oral penetration, touching, or any other sexual act. Sexual assault charges are also filed against the accused of this crime even if the victim was unconscious,  a minor, or unable to give consent for other reason such as drug intoxication or mental disability.

California Sexual Assault

Depending of the circumstances of the case the act may be prosecuted by the law as sexual assault, sexual battery or in some cases as a rape under the California penal code.  Sexual assault in California comes with serious penalties and punishment and also heavy fines, as well as social stigma and a sexual record. Nevertheless there are some cases in which probation or mandatory counseling may take place.


  • As Misdemeanor the punishment up to 6 months imprisonment and fine up to $1000
  • As a Felony the punishment is from 1  up to 6 years imprisonment and fine from $2000 to 10,000.


  • Lack of evidence
  • Consent is present
  • No intent
  • False accusation

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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