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What is Tax Law?

Before jumping into its definition we have to define tax by itself in order to fully understand this term. A tax is an obligatory financial charge or some other kind of fee imposed upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a governmental organization in order to fund several public spendings. Now, tax law deals with all types of rules such as constitutional, common-law, statutory, tax treaty, and regulatory,  enclosing in this way the law applicable to taxation. 

Tax law includes all kinds of crimes and felonies related to the matter, such as tax fraud, tax evasion, income tax, estate tax, gift tax, transfer tax, employment tax, employment tax, excise tax, property tax, general sale tax, among others. Tax fraud and tax evasion are one of the most common felonies and crimes related to unlawful activities that violates tax laws in the USA.

Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is a critical and serious crime which is seriously penalized by the law in California USA.  Tax fraud means an act of misrepresentation in taxable income or property and showing false information to reduce the tax amount on the total of the assets. It can be committed by an individual, companies, or business firms. One of the tax fraud examples includes forging tax documents, hiding taxable income or overstating deductions.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion means to lie intentionally on your tax return and pay less than you should to the government. Tax evasion is also a very serious White-Collar Crime in California and punishable by the law with jail time or fine sentences. 

Tax Evasion / Fraud Laws in California

Under the California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 19706 and under Section 19706 it is illegal and unlawful for person who

  • Intentionally neglect to document any tax amount form or to supply any data to avoid any tax duty; or
  • With intention unlawfully make, render, sign or confirm any bogus or deceitful return or articulation or supply any fraudulent or false data to avoid the tax return.

California tax avoidance laws apply to all assessment liabilities in the state of California regardless of what kind of tax avoidance, tax fraud or any tax evasion (salary, vehicle, land, and so on.) is committed.

Punishments for Violation of Tax Laws

Under section 19706 of California Revenue and Taxation Code the punishments for Tax evasion is one-year imprisonment in county jail or in a state prison. Also includes a fine up to $20000.

According to California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 19705 the punishment for this felony is imprisonment (not in county jail) which may extend from 16 months to 3 years in jail and the amount of $50000 as a fine.

Federal Tax Defense Attorney California

In the event that you or somebody you know is convicted or accused with tax violations, the State of California will utilize a group of tax officers and specialists to research and indict the case with an end goal to get the cash that is believed to be owed. Such specialists will search thoroughly into your money related records, data and tax history and will forcefully work on it. State can and will take every single penny that hasn't been paid from taxes. 

If you've been accused of a tax violation, hiring an experienced tax defense attorney is the following step. With more than 40 years of experience on tax law violation cases in the state of California the Law Office of Raoul Severo is at your service.

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