Theft Crimes

Are you charged with theft crime? Don't worry at all we are here to defend you and protect you in court proceeding and from sentence. We Raoul Severo and team is expert in litigation and have command on legal knowledge about to defend the charges of Theft

 Basically in California, PC § 484 and § 488 deal with "petty theft," the taking of property of another valued at $950 or less. PC § 487 addresses "grand theft," which is taking property not yours valued at over $950.  And grand theft auto, grand theft firearm, shoplifting, burglary, robbery, receiving stolen property, and other crimes are all theft crimes.

Many of these charges are misdemeanors, but some are felonies. Heavy fines and potentially long jail/prison terms loom, and you cannot afford to be without the best possible representation.

Here we will further explain in concise the types of theft crimes and their circumstances, defense and punishments

 California Laws also defines numerous other specific offenses related to Theft, such as:

  • Failing to return rented or leased belongings
  • Falsifying statistics so that it will promote gadgets to a pawnbroker promoting or in any other case
  • Unlawfully transferring a debit or credit score card
  • Using data from any other person's debit or credit card or financial institution account that allows you to obtain belongings or services
  • Failing to go back library materials
  • Misappropriating belongings that has been entrusted to the defendant knowingly defrauding every other of property, and
  • Fraudulently obtaining credit score.

Defenses you may take

Whenever you charged with theft crime you have the defense which you can take and protect yourself from penalty an expert attorney can handle your case with legal expertise and we are the best attorney here are the defenses

  • Lack of Law and Fact
  • Claim of Ownership and right of possession
  • Entrapment
  • Mistake of law and fact
  • Consent of owner
  • No intent of stolen
  • No motive
  • No sound evidence
  • False theft Allegation

 Why Us?

If you're charged with or accused of committing petty or grand theft you should communicate to a California criminal defense legal professional. Even a petty theft conviction can have critical consequences, and best a nearby criminal defense legal professional will be able to provide you meaningful advice that takes under consideration the charges, So with the great knowledge of law and command on these type of case we are able to prove you innocent.

At Severo Legal Associates, we know exactly how to build a strong defense for your theft crime case because we have done it for others many times before. You can contact us to get even advice in this regard