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What is Vehicular Manslaughter?

Vehicular manslaughter is a crime which consists of causing the death of a person due to illegal driving of a vehicle, including drunk driving, gross negligence, reckless driving or speeding. 

Vehicular Manslaughter in California

If you or a loved one is facing the charge of vehicular manslaughter in California,  it is important to understand the serious implications and everything that comes with this crime. Vehicular manslaughter is a critical and complex crime to process, which under the law is considered as a pre-meditated murder. In simple words vehicular manslaughter is a crime where the driver of a car or vehicle kills another human being without intent, malice, or pre-meditation, and therefore  the accusation or conviction varies depending on the case, as well as not being considered a real murder.

The State law of California recognizes several types of vehicular manslaughter including gross, misdemeanor, fraud or financial gain, intentionally or unintentionally and gross or negligent vehicular manslaughter while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (intoxicated). 

Under California Penal Code section 192 PC, this crime is divided as follows

Voluntary Manslaughter: Depedening on the case is likely to be considered murder under the law, it may not be premeditated but may occur suddenly and intentionally, usually known to happen in the "heat of passion", such as in a fight, quarrel or any kind of dispute. 

Involuntary Manslaughter

is identifed as an unintentional killing that results either from criminal negligence or part of a minor crime act such as a misdemeanor, likely due to a lack of caution.

Vehicular Manslaughter: This offense has additional parameters under California law, several factors are considered such the available evidence and aplicable punishments, and the type of vehicular manslaughter committed.

Penalty for Vehicular Manslaughter

The California Penal Code 192 PC regulates the penalties for this crime as follows: 

  • Imprisonment in county jail up to four years according to the nature of crime
  • Fine up to $10,000
  • Probationary period under a probationary officer supervision
  • Suspension of Driver's License

Defense for Vehicular Manslaughter charges

  • Lack of intent
  • Insufficient Evidence
  • False Accusation

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