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The Benefits Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is devastating to find yourself accused of criminal charges, whether you are innocent or not. Criminal charges carry consequences that may change your life and the lives of your loved ones. It is a basic right for everyone to get a fair shot at defending themselves. For that right to be effective, however, in a foreign and complex system such as our criminal justice system, it is imperative that skilled legal counsel be employed to navigate the deep and powerful currents that a criminal defendant must face head-on.

These involve extensive paperwork and court or jury trials which often appear to laypersons to illustrate the theater of the absurd. Do not allow yourself or your loved ones to sail into such maelstrom of legal complications and mishaps without an experienced criminal defense attorney who will be dedicated to protecting your rights and supporting you legally in every way possible.

Experience Matters In Criminal Law

Courtroom sessions and trials can be intimidating, but criminal defense attorney Raoul Severo will work to ensure that this process does not feel overwhelming. He has been defending the accused in California for more than 40 years. Attorney Severo’s work is to take care of the serious matters of your case and remove the heavy burden off of your shoulders.

How can a criminal defense attorney help?

  • They work to protect your rights and interests.
  • They have expertise in defending the accused gained from a lifetime of experience in the criminal justice system, using time-tested strategies that work to eliminate or lessen your legal jeopardy.
  • They protect you against heavy penalties, including crippling fines.
  • They have experienced staff to whom they can delegate important work.
  • They provide constant moral and emotional support as you face what may be a life-changing experience.

Our Constitution confers upon every individual many rights that must be aggressively asserted when fighting for your freedom in a criminal case. It is crucial that these rights be protected at all times, especially in cases that involve weapons, sex offenses, drugs, cyber-crimes, murder, assault or other serious criminal charges. Attorney Raoul Severo is dedicated and committed to protecting your legal and constitutional rights.

Mr. Severo is a highly experienced, qualified and knowledgeable attorney who will assert the legal rules and arguments that you or a less-skilled legal counsel is unlikely to be aware of. He and his team will go the distance in order to ensure your case comes to a desirable resolution. To do so involves a painstaking process of gathering sufficient evidence and statements from direct lay witnesses. It also involves hiring expert witnesses and investigators who will present evidence that will rebut that evidence presented by the prosecution and, in the end, obtain the desired result, proving your innocence.

Attorney Raoul Severo understands that all the seemingly small details can make a significant difference in your case.

Taking the action to contact us early will go a long way in ensuring that the criminal charges are dropped or reduced. Our firm is committed to providing aggressive representation in all matters that involve criminal cases.

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